Best Sissy Trainer Never Lets a Sissy Fuck Her

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer delivers the sissy experience you want without compromising who she is. For example, I listen to my sissies because no two sissies are the same. I never fuck my sissies, however, at least not in the traditional way. I will happily peg an ass any day. But I do not let a sissy fuck me. I do not care if a sissy has a big cock. A sissy is inferior. I have an unruly sissy who pays for my time in the real world. We have been a sissy trainer and sissy slave duo for years. Sure, he has a cock bigger than the average sissy, but he is still a sissy. He wears sissy panties daily. He loves the feel against his cock. He often wears a bra or a camisole, and hose or thigh highs under his clothes. He shaves all the hair off his body except his head. He is handsome. And I guess you could say he is hung. But he is not masculine. He is not the rugged, manly man that I want as a sexual partner. If I wanted to fuck a sissy, I would be a lesbian. Some sissies make the mistake like the sissy I am talking about. They wrongfully asse that if I like being their trainer and that they are paying me for my time, I must like them and I must want them to fuck me. Nope. Wrong. Stupid assumption. I am not a whore. I am a sissy trainer. I am not submissive. I am very dominant. This is not a hard concept to grasp, but Sissy Charlie struggled. I told him he was in the friend zone essentially. I call it the sissy zone. Once you receive sissy training from me, you are not getting anywhere near my cunt unless you are eating a real man’s cum from it, LOL. You have been warned. Do not try to fuck your sissy trainer unless you want to see what your pain tolerance is.


    • Rowen on June 23, 2023 at 2:31 pm
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    You are a superb goddess and I want to be your student!

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