Best sissy trainer Loves her Bimbettes

Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer Zoey looks for Barbie whores that need discipline. Are you just a bimbette trapped in a man’s body? Feeling not so fresh? Well, Miss Zoey has a tailored plan to meet your sissy lifestyle needs. Getting into the mind of a man with gender issues is one of my all-time favorite things. Whether it is me messing with your mind with some hypno porn, or just pulling bits and pieces out of you over time, I will get inside of your pretty little head. I no longer wish for you to think with your little head and only want to have you zone and goon for me.  Let me pimp you out to the pretty princess pansy you were always meant to be.

A good douche for your “bussy” (butt pussy) and some grooming will have you feeling like a miserable little girlie. But Doctor Zoey has just the medicine you need hanging between my legs. The first step is to get you accustomed to only getting cummies by bouncing on a dick. The Mistress phone sex therapy you need begins with a sexy little sissy trainer. 

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