Best sissy trainer Genesis will leave you spent

Best sissy trainer

Your nastiest dreams couldn’t come up with the Best sissy trainer like Mistress Genesis ever. Dumb bitch boys must gravel below my feet.  So many sissy boys imagine what it would be like to be disregarded by a goddess like myself. Unfortunately, most aren’t even worthy of stepping into a room with me. I’ve been a pro domme for years, and it’s few and far between servants that are worth my time. Whether worshiping my leather heels or begging to caress their face along my nylons, their existence isn’t worth the shit that falls out of their asses. None of these men nowadays seem to be able to do anything that pleases me. They are pathetic and not worthy of me smashing my foot into their faces, let alone opening my tight ass cheeks to own their faces and use them as a masturbation toys.

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