Best Sissy Trainer for My Glory Hole Goon – Goddess Addilyn

My name is Addilyn, Mistress Addilyn to you, and I am the Best Sissy Trainer. At least that is the case for my dear old man Glory Hole Goon. In her Sissy panties and all, this one shines. 
You see he tried to act straight, and pretend that he hated the thought of being a sissy faggot. Getting to the truth was as easy as creampie with this one.

I simply forced him down on his knees before me and had him lapping up the creampie from my beautiful cunt. She followed the rules like a good little cum slut sissy faggot.
Ok, so straight men have been known to be cuckolds and doing just this. But most straight men don’t start creaming and moaning like a bitch from the first taste of another mans jizz.
My glory hole goon however, showed her true colors. Worst yet, I pushed her face from my cunt and made her undress. She was trying to avoid this. Sooner than later I found out the truth.

There she was in Sissy panties and a silky training bra.

Oh, and the best part…. little sissy faggot Glory hole goon was creaming in those panties. She confessed that she loved to go to glory holes late at night and secretly suck off cock.

She even went to far as to take strange men’s dicks in her sweet panty covered ass cunt.

Best sissy trainer

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