Best Sissy Trainer Coraline is in Charge of Your Ass

best sissy trainerThe best sissy trainer will push your boundaries. Being a sissy means you are sexually submissive to women. Yet, every day I get some unruly sissy who thinks he is in charge. I had a disobedient sissy the other day. A sissy who got very disrespectful with me and I will not stand for that. I am a dominant woman. You are lucky I am talking to you. It is not the other way around. I shut the mouthy sissy up with a 13-inch black cock. If you have nothing nice to say; if you back talk everything I say to you, I am shutting the hole below your nose with the biggest and blackest cock I can find. I have a few black men who help with my sissy education program. When my newest sissy walked in with a list of rules for me, I knew I had my hands full. Now, I did use a rather large dildo to peg that sissy, but a plastic cock is never the same as the real thing. I am known as a BBC sissy trainer. So, I always have a few big black cocks on hand to help me with the training. Tyrique is my latest black stud and let me tell you, he has a cock that resembles a forearm. It is big and thick too. It is what I call a punisher cock. It can make and break a sissy’s backdoor pussy. Tyrique came to help me with my unruly sissy. Tyrique lectured my sissy on being disrespectful to me. I am a mistress. I am a goddess. I am your sissy trainer. You listen to me or pack your bags and leave. Tyrique bitch slapped my sissy with his heavy big black cock, then he fucked his ass raw. Fucked the sissy hole so good my sissy was pleading for mercy. I have a sissy with a gapped and stretched out sissy hole now, but I have one with better manners. You come to me for sissy training, realize I am in control, not you.

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