Best sissy trainer

Best sissy trainer


You are calling me tonight because you heard that I was the best sissy trainer, aren’t you? Well, I’ve been known to turn a complete newbie into the best sissy, who I have on his knees in seconds, begging for more. There are so many different types of sissies out there, do you want to tell me what kind you are? There are the panty boys, who are my favorite. And another favorite of mine are the sissies that enjoy some nice, easy humiliation.

                I love it when I catch you snaking my panties and lingerie and you are right in the middle of sniffing them. Oh, the power that I have over you makes me so hot and horny. So, I make you wear my panties, my stockings, and some heels. And boy, do you know how to walk in them.

                Now moving on to some humiliation and slave training. I want you to worship me and be my good little slave. And you like pleasing your goddess, don’t you?

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