Become Your True Self w/ Femboy Training

He was so confused and really needed my Femboy training sessions. It was something Jamie was really uneasy about and felt he needed to hide it, but the urges and desires to be the Ladyboi he truly was could no longer be denied. He contacted me and after our first session was already feeling more accepted and excited about his ability to come out about his Sissy needs. He would hole himself up in a Hotel room outside of his town and bring he secret suitcase of all his pretty Sissy clothes, toys and accessories to be himself finally. He lied and said he was going out of town for work. He was really going out of town to be the sissy faggot he really wanted to be and wanted the nerve to really suck cock and hook up with a sexy tranny hooker. He always failed to get the nerve and just spent his time being a sissy online in the crossdresser kink sites where he would talk with others and share pictures. When he found me, he was finally able to gain the assurance and my training and strap-on play really brought the inner Sissy faggot out. If this sounds remotely like you, I would love to assist, I am always open to first timers and experienced Sissy’s alike. The humiliation and forced cocksucking is very exciting for me and I love making you my sissy submissive.

Femboy training

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