Be My Little Sissy Baby Doll?

Best Sissy Trainer

When I get really bored I love playing dress up with my little doll baby sissies! Mistress Raine is the best at playing dress up, one of my favorite ways to sissy train is to talk outfits. Of course there is an endless combination of colors, fabrics, accessories, hairstyles and make up out there to be tried for each of my darlings. Only the best will do for my baby dolls, I make it easy to walk into a store and know what exactly will make your inner slut shimmer! When you are being trained by Mistress Raine, know that you are my beautiful little china doll with the most pretty clothes and accessories for me to play with. I’ll have you dolled up in no time ready to hunt for a big cock to fill your new confident sissy pussy!

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    • Hank on December 3, 2021 at 12:27 pm
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    Dress me up Mistress

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