BBC Training

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I know sissies love that BBC as much as I do, but sissies must be trained to control themselves. So, I asked my favorite BBC Fred to come over. I dressed Susie in some pretty pink panties and matching lipstick and told him that he was to watch as I played with that big black cock and to never move his eyes from mine. I know this will drive him crazy as he will want to look at that gigantic beast of a dick. I sat Susie down on the floor in my room as I undressed Fred and myself and got down on my knees to admire that big black beauty. My god it is so wonderful.

I could see Susie trying to divert his eyes and quickly reminded him that his eyes were to remain on me. Susie watched me take that massive beast deep in my throat as Fred proceeded to fuck my throat hard. As soon as he came in my mouth, I held that giant load without swallowing. Susie had been so good that I motioned him over and opened his mouth and dumped my mouthful of big black cum into his. I made Susie hold it in his mouth until I told him he could swallow. He did so without hesitation, so I wanted to reward Susie. I let Susie clean Fred’s massive, beautiful, black cock with his tongue. I was so excited watching my training being successful that my pussy was getting wet. I think I will take that BBC in my pussy next.

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