BBC Sissy Training My Husband

BBC Sissy TrainerOne thing high on the sissy lust list is a BBC. But you have to know how to handle the BBC. It is a big beautiful black beast. Not for an untrained sissy. Therefore, I have made a fortune from women wanting me to train their husbands to be BBC sissies or men who want to be BBC sissies. I will use my sorry ass husband as an example of exactly how this BBC sissy training works. I love to dress him in frilly sissy panties and have him sit right beside me. Then I have that gorgeous man with that monstrous snake come over to me. I show him how to stroke that big dick. It is so large you must use both hands. He did so good, stroking up and down in perfect rhythm. I show him how to gently touch the ball sack to, causing that beautiful man to start to moan. Next, and this takes lots of practice, I show him how to lick that massive thing. From the base to that big head. Going slowly and firmly, licking in long even strokes. I can see my husbands tiny dick through the panties, and he is starting to leak more and more as the gorgeous man moans louder. My husband gets so excited he starts to put it in his mouth. That is when I must stop him. He is not worthy of putting it in his mouth, he is simply there to get it nice and hard for me. I then make my husband get on the bottom of the bed while he watches me satisfy that BBC with my mouth, my juicy wet pussy and even my nice round ass. As that BBC is fucking me, I laugh at my husband rubbing his little dick, getting off on watching this big cock go in and out of his wife, making me moan in ecstasy.

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