BBC sissy trainer will stretch out your sissy ass.

          BBC sissy trainer will stretch out your sissy ass. Open it up first. We need to make sure you can be pounded hard by the huge black cocks. Get a separator, a butt plug, and a four-inch diameter dildo that is sixteen inches long. Have a floor plug. Going to stretch that asshole for those big cocks. Take it like the sissy bitch you are.

          There is whining in training. You will suck it up. Not I am a little sissy and I want my behind played with. A sissy fucking whore like you will bitch up. You want to be a sissy whore. Then you better learn how to fucken take it like a bitch. Else it is doggy style for a bitch in heat.BBC sissy trainer

          The reason I am the Best sissy trainer is because I don’t take crap from no one. Least of all a pansy ass sissy little fucking faggot. Will knock the block off you until you learn. I will bring on the pain. No, whining. Use the separator to stretch that ass all the fuck out.

          It must be remembered that those very large black cocks don’t like whinny little bitches. No, they don’t. You don’t see a real woman crying and say I have a little clitty and like my behind played with. Fuck no you don’t. You want to be a gay faggot then that is what you will be. You have to have something else.

            A BBC sissy trainer will stretch out your sissy ass.

          Make you beg for it in a normal voice. No whining. No crying. Teach you to be a whore in more than just stupid ass little pink. Oh, I like the way panties feel on my behind. Fuck that. Going to stretch that ass until it is bleeding if you want to act like crotch goblin you will be disciplined like one.

          As soon as you start acting like a whore and listening then you will get those big cocks. You will be filled up with cum. You will finally be worthy of those cocks.

           Not before.

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