BBC Sissy Trainer, Spreading It N Shoving It In

BBC Sissy Trainer

BBC SIssy Trainer by night, school girl by day. Who would have ever guessed? I’m sure if anyone close to me saw this post or any of my other ones that will be posted, they’d be pretty shocked. I will have to say I kinda found myself when I realized that turning grown men into sweet little sissy bitches was a thing.  Just the idea of turning someone older than me into my little bitch, someone I can tell what to do, and tease and torment till my little heart’s content. It’s such an amazing, powerful feeling. Have you been interested in Femboy training? Or has the thought crossed your mind that you could be one of the best little sissy bitches in the world? Just think of how it would feel to hear me cooing in your ear telling you that you’re my little slut and I own you. Telling you all of the naughty fucked up things I want to do to you. Bending you over in front of all the big massive cocks you’ve been dreaming of, making you feel like the dirtiest little bitch in town. That’s what you need. I’m what you need. Allow me to take you on a Humiliation phone sex journey that will leave you weak, coming back for more and more. I know, I’m young, and you’re sitting there wondering if I really have what it takes to Dominate you. To take over your world and leave your head spinning with thoughts of ruffles, cocks, and obedient nights that leave you wondering about your whole existence as an adult male. When in reality you’ve been a sweet little sissy bitch the whole time, just lingering deep in your mind waiting to come forward. Maybe you need a little hypnosis or suggestive guidance to help you transform yourself on your Sissy Journey. Come, let me help you with Sissy phone sex. 


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