BBC Sissy Trainer Heaven

BBC Sissy Trainer

It’s 2023 and it’s time to whip you sissies into shape! You aren’t yet worthy to worship BBC, but I’ll get you there with my online training program. I’m going to condition you to be able to take 10 big black cocks at once, several in each hole, and prove yourself as a sissy bitch worthy of worshipping the BNWO. I’m going to teach you how to disengage your gag reflex so you can deepthroat with ease and swallow more cum directly down your gullet. You’re going to be locked in 24/7 chastity, restrained for 18 hours a day with your ass in the air, ready to serve…the other 6 hours a day will be spent on a leash, dressed in your most whorish outfit as you crawl around and service any cock that’s out for you consumption. Your makeup will be ruined by forceful face fucking and gobs of cum that will be ejaculated on your face and you wouldn’t be able to wipe it off; dried cum on one’s face is the universal sign for sissy whores and we need to be sure everyone knows what a slut you are. By the time you’re done with my program, you’re going to be a top tier sissy bitch worthy of all the BBC your whore heart–and bussy–can handle!

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