BBC Sissy Trainer: Happy Black History Month!

BBC Sissy Trainer


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February is a wonderful month for BBC sissy training. Part winter weather, part spring, and full of lots of love. Love for one another, love for those you don’t know, and love and appreciation for black culture and everything it has done for our great nation. Black history month is a time of reflection. What have you done to contribute to the betterment of black problems, and what can you do in the future? One thing I know you can do to rid yourself of your white guilt is to give up your sissified asshole to the superior penetration of the black race. After all, we both know that what your pathetic pucker hole has been craving is the deep penetration of real stuff. A big buff black man with a giant mandingo cock to pierce your soul deep with every pound forced further inside of your stink hole. So celebrate this Black History Month the right way and submit your sphincter to the real alpha, black men.



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