BBC Sissy Trainer Coraline and Her BBC Loving Sissy Cami

bbc sissy trainerI love being a BBC sissy trainer. I fell easily into bbc sissy training because of my love for those big black cocks. After I kicked my ex-husband to the curve, I started getting some black cock. I quickly realized that they are superior to most white dicks. My sissies like Cami understand that to be the best sissy you can be, you need to experience those big black cocks from the get-go. I mean why wait to work up to them when you can have them now, right? Cami is a great BBC sissy. I have had to give her a little push out of the closest but look how pretty she is! She is in good hands. I have not needed to use any forced sissy training techniques on Cami, but I have needed to push her out of her comfort zone. I mean you can only be a sissy in your head for so long, right? There comes a time when you must take the tutelage out of your bedroom and into the real world and live your authentic self. Cami just needed a little push. She is great at sucking and bouncing on a big black dildos. Now, she needs to bounce on big black cock. And suck big black cocks through glory holes. Cami should be an inspiration to you closeted sissies. Now, I am not saying you need to dress like a pretty doll baby to work or show up in a cock cage to family dinner. But you should not live in fear of being discovered as a BBC loving sissy or a fan of wearing sissy panties. You are not harming anyone chugging on big superior black cocks or wearing feminine clothing. You are, however, harming yourself by denying that you want and need big black cock. Cami has come out of the sissy closest. Can you?

forced sissy training

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