BBC Sissy Trainer


BBC Sissy Trainer

Meet your new BBC sissy trainer, Mistress Genesis. I am a phone dominatrix that understands how to train an obedient sissy army of slaves. Mistress knows your hidden kinks, the ones you try to keep from the world. Mistress knows just how badly you want to satisfy the big, black cock that pumps and fills my tight pussy. You’re a sissy who craves humiliation and I am going to give it to you. You’re not man enough to satisfy a woman. That’s why you’re going to watch me and my hung lover. Perhaps if you’re obedient enough of a little cumslut – I’ll let you taste him from my snatch. I know just how badly you crave that. Now be a good sissy and put on that pair of panties I like to see you in. We have a lot of sissy training to do.


    • Rick on November 12, 2021 at 10:15 pm
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    Yes Mistress!

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