BBC Obsession Lingers In The Workplace

BBC sissy trainer Don’t look! I know it’s so hard when they made the conference table made of glass and the client’s bulge is very noticeable from the moment he walked it. You’re imagining in your head just how big that black cock is, it’s definitely thick. You can tell that by the way it rests along his thigh in his pants. Wonder if he notices how much you are licking your lips? Such the faggot cocksucker, you get weak at the thought of having a tasty BBC between your lips. Naughty you texting me during this meeting, not very professional of you. How did you manage to snap a pic of his bulge so easily? I think maybe he knows exactly what’s happening, that’s why he is displaying himself. Legs opened, and giving you the perfect view of what’s going on between his thighs. As your mistress I must encourage you to excuse yourself from the room. Go to your office and pull out those special pantyhose for just this occasion. Put them on under your pants, and calmly go back in for your meeting and close those blinds. Then get on your knees and beg him for a taste of what you know is a deliciously juicy black cock hidden away in his dress pants. Reveal to him what a cocksucking faggot you are for big black cock, then call me once you got a taste of his creamy load. I want all the details!

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    • Maddie on November 8, 2021 at 8:48 pm
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    Damn, I need a trainer like you.

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