A New Toy For Brandie

Mistress Phone Sex


My sweet sissy Brandie was on her way over to worship Mistress Francis as she often does. I had heard she had been using her wand often and I just couldn’t wait to see her in action. I was surprising her with a new longer and thicker wall dildo. I always have the best time watching her as it fucks her little man pussy. This time I had also laid out her favorite wand so I could have double the fun watching her. Her little clitty is worthless and caged in what might possibly the smallest cage ever made but when it starts leaking, I just can’t help but laugh. I also had another special treat for Brandie. I had invited Stacy over to play with us. Stacy loves to keep Brandie in line and also loves to humiliate her. So, Brandie walked in and we told her we were all going to have a great time. I had Stacy help get her dressed. Brandie came out wearing crotchless panties, a pink teddy, pink lip gloss, a breast plate and some heels. She looked absolutely adorable as she stood in front of us. I walked her over to the back wall and showed her the new wall dildo we had for her. I swear her little clitty started leaking right then and there. Me and Stacy just laughed as we pointed toward the wall. Brandie couldn’t get there fast enough. We laughed and laughed at her as that dildo fucked her man pussy. When Stacy handed her the wand Brandie lost her shit and fucked that dildo harder than I have ever seen anything fuck before. It was absolutely the funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

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