Sissy hypno training

Sissy hypno trainingEvery once in awhile I will have a call asking for Sissy hypno training. Many sissies don’t know a clue about it but the ones that do, are obsessed. They want me to put them into a state of control, once they are there I gain all their personal information for future blackmailing if needed. I make them get dressed up like a girl, and they never disobey. As I get them to pretty themselves up I make them give me a tip, just a little more money to line these pockets of mine. My voice is perfectly hypnotic, my sissy slave is in a trance, and his training is going wonderfully. He has himself looking like a fool while I laugh at the amount of ammo I have to use against him, and the amount of money I’ve already gotten. When they are hypnotized they can’t refuse anything I tell them to do. A vibrating butt plug held in place my panties? Oh, that’s just the start, they’re here to train after all.


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  1. Ronnie

    I am here for you only. Whatever you need or want I will give to you.

  2. Vincent

    My Hypno Trainer, I bow to you always Genesis!

  3. Sam

    Will you be my slut

  4. Danny

    Train me

  5. Kenny

    I love cock, can I be your hypnotized cock sucker?

  6. sissyboi

    You are so beautiful

  7. Clay

    I need you to train me mistress.

  8. Panty Slave

    Whoa, that call was insane. Let’s do it again soon.

  9. Edward

    I want you to train me to be a sissy slut!

  10. Jeff

    Please hypnotize me Genesis. I want to be your sissy.

  11. Robert

    Your voice is so sexy when you are controlling me

  12. Lawny

    Your voice is hypnotizing

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