You will work hard for me

best sissy trainerI hope you don’t think being my sissy will be an easy thing… because it most certainly will not be easy at all. I am going to make you work hard for me, you will be dressed right and you will act right. You will be sissified 24/7 everything from hair to nails will be neat and clean and feminine. I won’t accept a messy manly little sissy and if you disobey me you will be punished harshly. I will spank you, I will force fuck your tight little pussy, I will make you suck dick. I can humiliate you, out you to family and friends and coworkers. It really is in your best interest to always obey your Mistress no matter what, the consequences will be harsh for you if you do not. When I give you an assignment you better do it, or you will pay the ultimate price.

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