You Can Only Watch Today Sissy

mistress phone sexI see you looking while I ride this big thick cock. I see the longing in your eyes. You came over earlier eager for our sissy training. I had a new outfit for you. A pair of nylon pink panties, fishnet thigh highs, a matching pink bra and some stripper heels. You dressed and looked marvelous, and you spin around and around showing me. I told you I had a surprise for you today. And just like that the doorbell rang. In walked the hottest man with an outline of his massive meat showing through his sweatpants. You smiled and your panties got a little wet spot. You are such a slut. I knew what you were thinking, and I knew what you wanted but I had no intention of giving in to you. After all you are my pet. You are for my entertainment. So, as you basically drooled with excitement as I motioned you to my bedroom I laughed. I told you to undress him. Your panty covered ass did as you were told. You reached for his cock, and I slapped your hand. I told you that you aren’t worthy of such a monstrously thick dick. I ordered you to undress me and I saw your lips quiver as you came to realize that I was going to have him today. Now kneel down below us and watch as I ride him.

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