Total Feminization

Domination phone sex

Nothing makes me happier than feminizing a little sissy. I love exerting my power over a man and reminding him that’s he’s nothing more than a pathetic little bitch in women’s panties. I feel so powerful and sexy when men submit to me and make me their mistress. I had a little panty boy who needed to be feminized, so I took him shopping with my friends and we dressed him in full lingerie underneath his clothes. We had him model different dresses for us and strut around in heels and a wig in the women’s dressing room. My friends and I were having drinks and laughing at him trying on the different dresses and trying to balance wearing hooker heels. Once we had him in the most outrageous and over the top slutty dress we could find for him, I took him to a bar and had him on his knees servicing horny men in the bathroom. He was a very good little cum slut and just loved being on his knees and sucking cock like a whore.

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  1. Do you sell your panties

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