The Best Sissy Trainer for Christmas

best sissy trainerGive yourself the best sissy trainer for Christmas. The holidays are right around the corner, and you deserve something for yourself right? It can even be our secret. I have plenty of closeted sissy boys. Most of my sissy callers and clients are married with respectable jobs where imagine is important. What happens with us during our time together, stays between us. Unless you piss me off of course. I have a private sissy client I see in real-time. I have known him for over a decade. He was my divorce attorney. One of the best in the industry. I saw something in him. He knew what I did. At that time in my life, I was not doing sissy phone sex yet. I was a dominatrix. My ex-husband was trying to blackmail me into getting custody of our offspring. I knew if he got custody, he would send our sissy boys to some alternative conditioning school where they could not be themselves, so I hired the best lawyer. He became one of my first sissies. We have had a decade relationship, but he recently tried to black mail me into free training. Like that shit is going to fly. He had no power over me. Being a sissy trainer is not illegal. My sons are trans, and young teen boys, no one can take them away from me. He was trying to black mail the wrong woman. I have nothing to lose, but he has everything to lose. I sent him an email of him in frilly pink dresses and bonnets getting spanked and sucking cock. Over 10 years together, I had a ton of photos. I told him one push of a button and I would send them to his firm, the American Bar association and his wife. I am severing my relationship with him too. I mean you cannot blackmail woman who is providing you with sissy training and not expect her not to fight back. I am a nurturing and sweet sissy trainer, until you cross a line. Then you will pray you had never met me.

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