The best sissy trainer ever!

best sissy trainerI have a very special method when it comes to training my sissy sluts. I try to be the best sissy trainer ever. My sluts are always training, even when no one can tell. Do you think I would let my sissy whores go right back to their rough, rugged and manly lives, once they are finished with a lesson? Hell no! I make sure those cum slurping sluts not only retain all of their training but also maintain their slutty appearances! I love to lock thier pathetic clittie cocks up in little cages and toss the keys! I take away all of their clothes and keep them dressed like filthy, kinky sluts all of the time. One of my cum sluts has even started taking hormones so that her little perky tits will start filling out more! She’s already a solid A cup and looks so cute in her little bra and panties! My sluts in training get weekly lessons in teasing, sucking and riding fat hard cocks. I make sure to find only the biggest and fattest cocks for my sluts. Only the best for Miss Remi’s cum queens!

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