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Sissy Phone Sex Brings Mommy Joy

sissy phone sexSissy phone sex is so much fun. So is training sissies. Honestly, it is almost criminal that I make the kind of money I do this way. I have a real time sissy who I have been training since he was in high school. I am like a bonus mom to him. He is a friend of my daughter. He is a couple years older than her. One day when he was still a young schoolboy, I caught him in my bedroom trying on my pretty things. For his age, he had a great understanding of what pairs well. I mean he had on a black garter belt, with black stockings, matching black and red bra and panty set. He had them all on correctly too. His young hairless body was perfect for the look. I put a little lipstick on him and got a pair of my daughter’s heels and a sissy was born. His father would have disowned him if he ever found out that his son liked to wear panties and lady’s lingerie. I became a second mom to him. I was his sissy mom. I still am. He is 20 now and still in the closet to his family. I have been sissy training him for 7 years now. He is like one of my own sissy boys. He likes to wear women’s clothes and suck cock. And guess what? So do lots of men and there is nothing wrong with that. Fuck anyone who tries to ridicule or shame you for wearing a pretty pair of panties or wanting to suck a big fat cock, even a big fat black one. Just like I nurtured my boys and my bonus sissy son, I will nurture you too. I love being a sissy mom to my boys. And I will love being your sissy mom too. You can have discreet sissy girl training with me, honey.