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It Is The Cage For You

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Well look at your sorry ass stroking your little bitty worm to shemale porn. You didn’t think I would catch you did you. You thought after I put you in your sexy little nighty and tucked you in bed that I wouldn’t be coming back. Well think again sissy. I know you and I know your weakness. Tits and cock. Most of us like tits and cock, but the only difference is that you need my permission, which you just so happened to not ask. You bypassed me and pulled out your phone and turned it on. I see your clitty so hard and your cummies all over your hand. I yank your phone away but that seems to only excite you more. Hmmmm……what to do with a little femboy who is disobedient. I have a perfect idea. I leave the room and come back with a little box. I tell you to get your dirty cummies stained panties off and stand in front of me. Your micro penis is still excited, surely you don’t think I have any use for it. I laugh as it twitches when I put it in my hand. I open the box and pull out the cage. A tiny little cage with sharp spikes in it. I snap it shut and put the key on a necklace around my neck. There now sit and watch some porn for a while you little bitch boy.