Such an eager little pet… at first

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My newest pet was an eager little whore for sure, he messaged me all the time and begged for my company like a little puppy begging for a treat. He practically humped the computer when he was looking at my pictures and he obeyed my every command. But here lately he has been missing in action and I am very disappointed. This little beta boy bitch needs to remember who his Master is and that is ME! I don’t care about his wife, I don’t care that she is cheating on him, that is her right and he needs to deal with that. All I care about is that he continue to worship me as I should be worshiped and if he is going to be a slacker in that regard I will drop him as a pet and leave him with no Master at all. Is that what you want my little beta bitch? You have disappointed me, do not let it happen again or the consequences will be harsh!

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