Sissy Panties A Secret You Can’t Resist Exposing to Mistress

Sissy panties have been a secret of yours for a while. In fact you enjoy sending pictures to phone sex sissy Mistresses. And you send these pictures to expose your sissy side and crave for exposure.

Not only do you crave exposure, but you really enjoy being exploited and humiliated. Letting Phone Sex Mistress Addilyn take your money. Obviously the humiliation your feeling when you pay this Mistress to look at your patheticness is real. But the best part part is the verbal humiliation of how worthless as a man you are.

Finally, the truth is exposed and you are not meant to be manly. No use for a little pathetic prick of yours for pleasing others. Just treat it like a clit and service cock from now on. And when you are lucky you can be a cleanup sissy for that creampie in Mistress’ cunt.

Obviously a cunt licker for BBC loving Mistress’ is the closest you will get to pleasing a woman. And that pleasure is solely based on humiliating you.

Sissy panties

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