Sissy panties

Sissy panties“Let’s see those Sissy panties” I laugh at him over the phone, knowing that soon I will have a picture in front of me to use for my blog later. He will be mortified when he gets online to read my blog later only to see a picture of himself all dressed up in his frilly sissy faggot panties. He will be embarrassed by what a fool he looks like, doing whatever is told of him to do with pleasure he obeys. It is clear to see that nothing can change his mind though, he doesn’t care if he is outed to the world. He knows this is who he is, nothing but a horny sissy craving attention from a controlling dominatrix such as myself. I will make him cum in his panties and wear them all day. Sometimes I will have him cum in his panties then put them on his face and wear them. He whines when I make him get fucked with his panties on, all pulled to the side like a true whore. He gets fucked in his sissy ass and begs for more, panties making him look as pathetic as ever.

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