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BBC sissy trainerHahaha, Sissalina has the tiniest peenie.. I would call it a clit but after comparing that microscopic little organism to a woman’s clit.. I think we can settle with calling it a nub! I made her tug her maggot in front of me and Marissa while we giggled about how pathetic she was.. That little piggy seemed to be lost.. Watching her tug until she was ready to explode then forcing her to stop and stunting her little orgasm was the funniest thing to watch!

Little cocks like hers do not deserve to squirt haha.. That’s what big black bull cocks are for! If she’s on her best behavior maybe I’ll let her watch that chocolate cock cum deep inside of me.. Then give her the honors of giving me a nice cum clean up. Given that the only thing she is good for is making me laugh.. I felt it would be so selfish not to bring Marissa in on the fun!

Using her as the main serving of entertainment was perfect.. We made her strip down completely naked and humiliated her the entire night… haha, we had her pathetic little dick at our disposal. She was super shy to share her shrimp dick pics with me so I made a pinky promise while having my fingers crossed.. No duh, Loser! Now, everyone on the slut hut will know of your terribly tiny winky…

Reading all of your messages of you begging and pleading with me not to share, made me want to share them even more. If your pathetic peen is good for anything, that’s making me laugh! Now let’s get that maggot in a nice pink bow.. If we are going to be playing dress up, there’s no better way than to glamorize that weenie while we laugh. Loserrrr! Don’t get your Sissy panties in a bunch LOL

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    Briella is a kind sexy sissy trainer who loves to laugh at the small weenies. Watch me act like a faggot slut and cheer me on al the way! Love her

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