Sissy Humiliation Training

sissy humiliation training

Sissy humiliation training is so much fun. I love when pathetic losers call me. I enjoy publicly shaming losers and turning them into my pretty dolls. When a sissy submits to a strong and beautiful woman, a wonderful relationship blossoms.  I have a new pay piggy and humiliation junkie. Tina is such a sissy fairy faggot. She begs and pleads for sissy humiliation, but she must pay for it. Can you believe that? This sissy faggot is so desperate for attention, she pays to be publicly humiliated. I can hear you laughing at her already. I am always laughing at her. I have pictures I can blackmail her over if she does not pay up.  She prances around in frilly little outfits after work but wears a suit and tie during the day. Her wife and coworkers are clueless that once she is done pretending to be a man, she is twirling around like a shameful sissy faggot begging to be pegged. For this sissy, play time is at work. Being her real self requires online sissy training, small dick humiliation and financial domination from a mistress like me. I have pictures of her in diapers sucking on a big dildo. I have pictures of her with fresh jizz on her frilly dress from sucking dick in a glory hole. I have pictures of her dressed up in Shirley Temple dresses prancing around too. The pictures and the stories I have on this sissy are endless. I have enough to ruin her at work and ruin her marriage. That is one of the reasons she is such a good and obedient sissy for me. I can ruin her at any time. I can expose her for the pathic sissy she is. Are you a little sissy bitch like her that needs controlled and shamed? I will own you and shame you. You will pay me for the honor of keeping your dirty little secrets too.

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