Sissy Girl Training – My Sissy’s Needed Some Work

sissy girl trainingIf you like being dressed in pink dresses, thigh highs, fancy shoes, and your little boy pussy becomes hard at the thought of wearing your mommys silky red laced around the legs dirty underwear while twirling and telling me what a pretty princess you are, then my sissy girl training program is for you.

We will have endless supply of dirty panties from mommys of all shapes and sizes. You can take home two a day if you pass the courses for the day.  The courses can be hard.  They start with simple makeup routine and go into gobbling down huge thick black cocks in the later lessons.

Tonight, I finished a one on one training where we went dress shopping and dressed my sissy client up to the 9s.  His long smoothly shaved legs looked stunning in my sissy boy’s sparkly blue cocktail dress and tan sheer stockings. Black pumps with high heels.  Makeup done perfectly which we learned contouring the day before.  My friends thought I brought my daughter to try on dresses, mission accomplished.

They were shocked when they opened the dressing room and saw me rewarding the good behavior in training with my mouth sucking that pathetic little sissy dick.  I sucked that tiny cock until I felt the jizz juice squirt down my throat.  Preparing my sissy for the next days lesson, I spit the cum back in the sissy’s mouth.

Can you guess what our next training day will focus on?  Stay tuned.

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