Sissy Girl Training for Femboys

sissy girl trainingI love sissy girl training. Sometimes you were just born in the wrong body, right? My sissy sons understand that. They are grateful to have me as a mommy. I nurtured their natural instincts just like I do with my callers. They are still in the public school system. Although, I was not able to register them as girls with the school district, I can dress them as girls. There are schoolboys and girls who make fun of them, but that is life. Even a grown sissy needs to be able to handle humiliation. The school my twins go too is progressive thinking mostly. Not with the teachers and administrations but with their classmates. Today’s youth are more accepting of being different than my generation was. Today, my sissy boys had their school picture taken. They were so excited because this was their first picture as girls. They were not allowed to dress feminine until this year. I took them to get their hair and nails done over the weekend in preparation for this day. I bought them each a new dress and shoes. They left this morning so happy and pretty. Frilly dresses, strappy sandals, new hair dos, pink fingernails, new cotton bikinis and a little make-up and no one is going to know that they were born male. I can do the same for you. I am the best sissy trainer for femboys.

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