Sissy Girl Training a Little Bitch

Some days are exhilarating when I get to give Sissy girl training to a bitch. This guy was a peace of work with his little dick syndrome (lds from now on). Bitch was all over me trying to get me to fuck him. I laughed at his short ass as I knew he would never be able to please me in a manly way. I knew he would do best as a sissy. That’s what i made him. You may be surprised how a powerful woman can truly control these men with big attitude and little dicks. They always act like bigger pricks than they have.

So, I let him come back to my place. I put him in his place immediately. I had him crawling on all fours for me. I stripped him and let him have a glimpse of what he wouldn’t be getting. I made him crawl for a peek. I made him into such a little bitch. I cracked the whip and he turned to a whimpering puppy. I made this one all sissified and pegged him with my strap-on. This bitch took it like a good girl.

Sissy girl training

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