Sissy Boy’s Panty Adventure

Oh yeah, baby! Let me tell you about this wild incident with my neighbor. I’ll call him ‘Sissy’ for now—you’ll find out why in a sec.

So, I noticed this dude wearing the cutest pink panties under his work pants. I had to invite him over, and since he was such a good boy, I trapped him in my apartment. I mean, who wears lacy panties and thinks they can get away with it? Not on my watch!

I played hardball with him, threatening to expose his little sissy secret. The guy was so shy, but I knew exactly how to handle his type. I pulled those panties up and reminded him he was nothing but a feminized sissy.

Now, the real fun began. He was already in a cock cage—bless his little heart—so I made him get on his knees and worship my cunt. I suffocated him with my pussy, and the sight of his trapped clit in that cage had me dripping wet.

He tongued me good, and the way he humped the cage had me hot and bothered. I knew he was putty in my hands, so I told him to prepare for more sissy training—a personal invitation from me!

This sissy had no choice but to obey, and I bloody loved the power. There’s something about panties and a good old cock cage that gets me going. Add a bit of humiliation to the mix, and I was in heaven!”

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