Sissy Adult Diaper Lover

sissy phone sexI have the cutest little sissy who is an adult diaper lover too! I have been working on that part of him that needs to be nurtured and cared for and wearing a big stinky diaper for me. I call that a two-for-one when I get a sissy who needs to be humiliated in a diaper. That’s a two-part humiliation my loves! I just love feminizing a man all the way down until he is now a little girl in a fancy pink on it and a little pink bloomers with a big bottle full of cum juice right in his little cutie pie lips or should I say her lips? And that little dicky poo is just a cute little clitty tucked away in a diaper. And being a sissy trainer / Mommy I know that it’s important for my sissy to get as much nourishment as possible! Cum and cock and mommys milk provide that! Especially an ABDL diaper loving sissy little girl! And my boyfriend has a big black cock that he doesn’t mind using as a bottle so that my sissy can drink right from the tap! Are you supposed to sissy who loves diapers and needs to be humiliated?

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