Online sissy training with the Biggest Loser in WA State, Ew

Online sissy trainingWondering who this fat fucking loser is? Oh, that’s somebody’s husband! I know, I was thinking the same… either he has money or she was desperate.. after-all who would date a ridiculously funny-looking guy like this that wears 4XL Sissy panties… I mean never mind the fact he’s ugly… The loser can barely catch a grip of his pathetic cock! Watching this faggot struggle to wank had to of been the funniest thing I had ever seen.

Could you say… Needs Therapy!

L O L, ya a desperate cry-out for help. This pathetic weirdo was willing to do anything to earn himself an orgasm. Welp, That didn’t go too well! He found himself on his knees eating cat food and quenching his thirst with toilet water. Surprisingly this oversized bimbo managed to walk in a pair of pink pumps. He took a tumble after being instructed to walk down the street in his bralette and miniskirt. He thought running would save the neighbors from seeing him. LOL Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. The fucking faggot tried wearing a blue wig to alter his identity, all he did was humiliate himself and remind me of Ursula from the mermaid!

Sissy training is no joke and this fucker had to learn the hard way…

Four cards later and a text message that was sent to his ex-therapist, as a matter of fact! What kind of Sissy trainer would I be if I didn’t let the world know of this shit show… I mean are you kidding me? I managed to come up with a collage of photos, of his cock, hairy nipples, and even pictures of his wife and family. Looks like this guy has no other choice now, on his hands and knees is where he will be spending the rest of his days like a good sissy cum slut. If he dares ever disobey me he is in for a huge surprise.

P.S. Quinn, I am sure your wife would never assume her husband is a F A G G O T. Just like you wouldn’t assume I would post these horrendous pictures on all of your closest friend’s Facebook wall. Awwwe, isn’t that just too bad fat fuck? I think it is, If you know better you’ll do as you are told. Nobody likes a disobedient sissy after all! Tread lightly slut, you are my faggot cum slut now and you are to attend Online sissy training at least once a week, no exceptions. 😀 Talk soon!!

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