Online Sissy Training Leaves a Sissy Begging for a BBC

online sissy trainingOnline sissy training begins here.  You read bios and blogs and get a feel for the kind of sissy trainer you need. I am a sissy mom who can be very loving and nurturing with her sissy boys. If they follow the rules, I am a nurturing sissy mom. Do not follow the rules or disrespect me, I punish you. And I punish you hard.

Travis is one of my newest sissies. Such potential with this one. However, he is sassy and belligerent sometimes. I think it is because he drinks too much. Many sissies need booze and drugs to get to their femboy side. Although I prefer my sissies to be sober, I cannot always monitor them. Since Travis broke many of my rules, he got punished.

A BBC sissy trainer punishes with big black cock too. I summoned Rodney to come over and punish my unruly sissy with his big 11-inch monster cock. And within 20 minutes, Rodney was in my living room with his cock balls deep in my sissy’s mouth. Travis gagged and drooled all over that huge black cock. Sissy Travis needed to learn his place.

You are the Sissy, So That Means I am in Charge

Any unruly or disobedient sissy gets punished. And they get punished with BBC. Sure, I can fuck an ass with a strapon. And I do. But nothing punishes a sissy ass more than a foot long, soda can thick cock up the ass, especially a virgin ass. Travis yelped and screamed as Rodney rammed his dick straight up his asshole. Too late to apologize now, I informed him.

Most of my sissies want a big black dick in any of their holes, but Travis is more a femboy than a cock sucking faggot sissy. Well, he was until last night. Rodney fucked him for hours. Black men posses the kind of sexual stamina that scares sissies. And Travis appeared scared initially. But once the pain ceased and that big black cock milked that prostate, Travis begged for more punishment.

Travis has a sore asshole today. Sore jaw too. But I showed Travis what mistress phone sex is all about. It’s about listening to your sissy trainer and following her fucking rules.


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