Online Sissy Training for Sissies, Cucks and Small Dick Losers

online sissy training Online sissy training begins here. I want to make it clear that training sissies is not all I do. Yes, I love being a sissy trainer and I have decades of experience, but I love small dick humiliation and cuckolding too. Sometimes, you get a guy who enjoys all of it. The trifecta of humiliation. You can be a sissy, a cuckold and a tiny dick loser at the same time. And yes, I can prepare you for it all. Todd, who I now call Tina, has been coming to see me for almost a two years now. I met her because she is married to my bestie. My girlfriend confided in me about her husband’s lack of equipment and his refusal to eat pussy. I had to have a talk with them both. It was not an easy resolution. It took over a year to transform Todd into Tina, but now my BFF has a sissy maid and a cuckold, and I have a small dick loser I can laugh at and tout as a success story. If you are wondering how the trifecta of sissy training, cuckolding and small dick humiliation work together it is simple. Sissies and cuckolds both suck cock. Mostly, they both have small dicks too which is why their partners do not want to fuck them. Just add some pretty clothes and a cheating partner and you have a sissy cuck. Tina is everything I could want in a sissy. She cleans house. She cleans dirty cunts. She fluffs cock. She procures cock and wears frilly things. My bestie and I share custody. For my BFF, Tina is a cock sucking cuckold. For me, Tina is a sissy maid. Both of us use a lot of small dick humiliation and chastity training with her. Do not feel like you are more than just a sissy? Do not worry. The best sissy trainer will make you a sissy cuck.

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