Online sissy training

Online sissy training

Welcome to my online sissy training dungeon. When you are done with a few sessions, you will be exactly what I want you to be. You won’t even recognize yourself. Drop all the manliness at the door when you come over the threshold of my door. If you are scared, you should be. I’ll drive you wild! Let me break you and then build you back up.

                As you walk into my room, you see all the tools of the trade that I’ll be using. But don’t worry, you’re still a beginner, so I’ll be gentle on you the first time. I’m still going to chain you up while you are on your knees. Always remember that you will submit to me and respect me always if you are working with me.

                Every time you come to work with me, I need you in the proper attire. Silky little thong panties and a silky gown at night, or a top and short skirt during the day, with the tallest stilettos you can find. You can do full makeup if you want, but I want you to look and feel your sexiest.

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