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She is far from average. The sway of her hips and the aroma she wears will make your toes curl. She is a magical sissy one that any sissy out there would want to aspire to. If I took a day off I’d leave her in charge! She can teach you bitches how to be a dominant, classy freaky slut! Every man in the world  whether straight or curved would love a taste of her. She submits to her Master Brielle but when it comes to men as all women should know she is the superior one. She will have you squandering at her feet. Pleading for just a taste of her sweets! Detailing her high heel mules clean with your tongue on all fours. She is taught well! She loves BBC, yes don’t we all… under one circumstance! She doesn’t kneel or plead for that cock. It’s you who will be pleading, serving that throbbing veiny cock on a literal silver platter. A real queen is independent and she doesn’t need anything. She is the breadwinner and in no time you will feel like you need her. You won’t be able to live without her, looking into the future without her would only be gloomy! Follow the leader, she’s the top sissy of the week. She has no fear and is ready for any competition… Who’s ready to get as dolled up as this hot slut? She is the master of deep throating juicy big black cocks! 



    • Leo on May 15, 2022 at 7:29 pm
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    That was some real good use you got me in my bootyhole, mistress.

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