New Bitch Boy In Training!

Forced sissy trainingI invited my friend Amanda over so she could help me teach this new fucking sissy boy who’s boss. My new sissy boy James reached out to me a few weeks ago and insisted I give him some training. I laughed and told him I did not think he would be able to handle the kind of sissy’s I like and need. He begged me to please train him and he would do whatever I wanted. So I smiled and told him I would bring my good friend Amanda over to help. I let him know she was even more aggressive than me; he was nervous but very willing. 

When Amanda showed up she was so excited to get started. I saw she brought her bag of toys and I knew David was in for a treat. He stared at the bag and asked what was inside; Amanda showed him the big black cock strap she had. His eyes went wide and he said “I am pretty sure I won’t be able to take that inside me Presley”. I laughed and told him he had no choice in the manner. Amanda got right to it; she put the strap on and told him to bend over. He did just that and then Amanda tore his clothes off. 

She spread his cheeks and said he had the tightest little sissy ass hole she has seen in a while. She spat on it and stuck her fingers in it as he squealed like a bitch. We both laughed and said he sounded like such a good fuck pig and we couldn’t wait to turn him into out bitch. I got on his face so he could eat my pussy while Amanda used his little ass hole. We also wanted to muffle his annoying groaning; he sounded like such a bitch. She pounded his hole out for a while as he lapped up my clit and made me cum like a good bitch. 

I watched his hard cock swing back and forth and leak pre-cum as he got fucked. Amanda laughed and said “Aw I bet you are so backed up and want to cum”. He moaned and begged us to let him cum; we just giggled and I spit in his face and slapped him. He groaned in pain and I grabbed his bitch face and said “We don’t let little sissy boys cum; so shut the fuck up and take cock you fucking boy slut”! 


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