More Time for Sissy Slave Training My Boys

Sissy slave training begins at home. I have two sissy boys. Twins. I have been training them for a few years. As I watched them grow, I knew something was different about them.  They enjoyed playing dress up in mommy’s clothes. They never wanted to wear boy underwear. They liked little cotton panties in pastel colors. They wanted to wear dresses instead of jeans. They did not play like other boys either. They wanted to play with Barbie dolls. They loved the show Hannah Montana. They had zero interest in sports or video games. That is still the same. Now that they are off school until the fall, we have more time for sissy training. I ordered panties and baby doll dresses online for them. I have them watching men fuck me. It is good training for sissies. One of the many uses for a sissy is as a fluffer and clean up bitch. They love the taste of cum. Do you? I had a wild Saturday night. Two black lovers came over and fucked the shit out of me. I am no submissive bitch, but these two brothers tagged teamed me for hours like one. My sissy girls had to sit on their hands and wait for their creamy treats. Mommy was high and loving every inch of those big black cocks in my fuck holes. My sissy girls had little hard clittys in their pretty pink panties. They love watching mommy be a whore. They enjoy black cocks too. These two brothers were gang bangers. Ghetto cock. I slummed. Once they were done fucking my pussy, they put their dicks in my girls’ mouths. Told them to taste mommy’s cunt. They are well-trained sissies. They sucked my cunt juice off those dicks like pros. Then they sucked that black cock seed out of mommy’s pussy. They are the best sissies because mommy is the best sissy trainer.

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