Mistress Francis is Watching You

Mistress Phone Sex

Sissy Panties
Hey, my little sissy slut. You wearing your sissy panties like Mistress Francis told you to? You better be. Now let us play. I want you to pull now your panties and play with your little clitty. Rub it nice and soft and see if we can get that little thing to grow just a little. I can imagine you are moaning a little now, are you not? Ok now when your clitty starts to leak I need you to stop. Very good. Now go grab that big fat dildo from your toy drawer. Oh, that is big baby. Rub that little clitty leakage all over the tip, just like that. Now stick your sissy ass up in the air, spread your cheeks and ram it into your man pussy. Do not be gentle and do not go slow. I want you to force it in there. Yes, like that. I imagine you look so cute with your panties around your ankles, your clitty leaking and that big thick dildo sticking out of your man pussy. Now you little cock slut I want you to ride that dildo, taking it deep and fast. Keep going. I see your clitty leaking again and you are moaning so loud. Now stop. Oh, you look so sad. Did you really think that I would let you cum that easy? Of course, I would not. So, my little sissy boy, you put everything away and do not touch yourself again until Mistress Francis gives you permission. And remember no touching that little clitty either or I will know, and you will be punished.

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