Luisa The Sissy

Humiliation Phone Sex
Dear little sissy Luiz “Luisa” Santano Cruz, I told you I was going to expose your cocksucking ways to the world if you didn’t pay up. How can you afford to spend $400 a week on hot sissy phone sex, but you can’t pay the $500 discretion fee? Pathetic. Now the whole world knows. Though part of me thinks this is what you wanted. You wanted me to expose you to the entire world so that big, thick black cocks can just show up at your door and shove a fat one in your ass. I called them like I said I would, plastered ads all over Craigslist. They’re coming for you, Luisa. Your pathetic faggot hole is about to get torn to shreds and truly made into a perfect little pussy. Now that you’re panicking put on your big girl panties and give me a call. I’m going to take seriously good care of you, sissy bitch.

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