Lick my ass

Sissy slut hut

I went on a hot date with a guy who seemed almost perfect last night. Almost perfect until I got him back to my room and took his pants off and saw his little pathetic tiny dicky. When I saw the size of it, I just laughed. His face fell and he started to blush. He asked me if I still wanted to fuck, and I just laughed some more. I told him he could still make me cum and he could get himself off, but that I would never let something that tiny and pathetic into my pussy. I started pushing his head down between my legs and to my bare pussy. I commanded him to lick me and make me cum. Like a good sissy, he obeyed and started licking my wet cunt while I moaned and squirmed. I pushed his head even lower and made him start to lick my ass. This got him really going and he started stroking his little dick while he licked my ass and worshiped my hole. Soon I was cumming all over his face and he was cumming all over the front of his shirt.

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