Let Me Push It In For You

Today was a fun day. I had picked out the sexiest pair of black thongs and matching lace bra for my favorite sissy. He is a muscular good-looking guy who I have taken great pride in breaking. He came in wearing some tight jeans and tight white t-shirt. Showing off his muscles and well-defined ass. I laughed as he came in asking if I thought he looked good. No, I do not, now get undressed and meet me in my room love. He came in and, on the bed, I had those black thongs and the lace bra. He smiled as I handed them to him. As he went to put on the panties, I stopped him. Not yet I told him as I reached under my bed and handed him a gift bag. He opened it and pulled out a big thick jeweled butt plug and a cock cage to match. He tried to tell me no but that just got him a paddling. Over my knee he went and out came my wooden spoon. I spanked him until his ass was nice and red. Then I spit on the butt plug and made him stick it up his tiny little tight pussy. He was going slow, so I put my hand over his and rammed it all the way in. He jumped as if in pain but the little droplets on his clitty told another story. I pulled him in front of me and caged him. Now put on your panties and bra and then put your clothes over them. The outline of his black bra showed through his white shirt nicely. Now it is time to head to the mall baby, let’s go.

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