Kayla Was Bad

mistress phone sexI got a call from Kayla the other day. You remember Kayla, right? My sweet sissy that had just increased the size of her butt plug and had sent me pictures of it, along with pictures of her in panties and a dress. She was doing so great, and I was so proud. And then nothing. It was as if she had vanished, but I knew what had happened. She had slipped. She called knowing I was not going to be pleased. Knowing she would need to be punished. She apologized over and over again, and I do have a soft spot for her, but I couldn’t let this go without repercussions. So, we talked, and I told her she was to push her butt plug inside her pussy, put on a pair of panties and a dress and then go run errands. She was to go through drive thru’s so that people could see her dressed as a little sissy girl. She complied and did just that, even calling me and letting me know how good the butt plug felt and how people were looking at her in her car. I secretly thing she might have liked it. So now we are back on track with our training I let her push her big thick dildo onto the wall and fuck it so I can hear her. I bet you need some training too, don’t you?

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    • Kiki on July 23, 2021 at 4:52 pm
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    I love you mistress.

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