Jerry is Our New Toy

Phone dominatrix

I had a very interesting conversation the other day with our resident subby slut whore, Robyn. She is now learning how to be a sadistic domme like me and teach little pathetic losers how to worship us like princesses. We both talked to the infamous subby bitch, Jerry Zieger from Philadelphia! Jerry told us how much he loves being Katelyn and Treasure’s personal little bitch. He told us how much he loves being used and abused and taunted for being a subby whore. He can’t even know when we cum! Haha! His pathetic cock has been sounded and abused for so long, it’s all fucked up and stretched out! Robyn and I love to laugh at his abuse from shoving glass down his fucked up pee hole and a lit birthday candle. I would love to watch Jerry get his busted peanut squashed, tied, up and abused so I could laugh at his expense, but only if he pays me of course. I would never even associate with a man unless I’m paid.

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