I ruined his life

sissy phone sexWell I finally had to do it, I had to ruin a little sissy bitch’s life because she didn’t respect me the way she should have. She was rude and disrespectful and she demanded things from me even tho she was beneath me! I will absolutely never be treated like that from some little sissy faggot so I took all the pictures I had of her being a little whore and I posted them all online where I knew her family and employers would see. Whoo boy did shit hit the fan! Her mother called her a disgrace, her boss called her a faggot and now everywhere she goes there are men telling her to suck their cocks. It has really improved her attitude a whole lot, now she is respectful and she begs for my attention instead of demanding it. I have her sucking dick for money on a local street corner too so she is able to make some money. She has learned what happens when you piss me off, trust me it is not a lesson you want to have to learn so be good girls and you won’t have to.

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